Baranow Real Estate

Baranow is a residential area in the Castledowns neighbourhood of north Edmonton. Containing a small amount of commercial properties on it’s south end along 137th avenue, most of the development in the area happened at two different times in history. The first interval happened between the end of the second world war and 1960. During this time about 12.5% of all home were built. The second interval happened after 1996 when the remaining properties in the area were built.

Low rise apartments make up the bulk of properties in the area, with most of them being constructed under 5 storeys high. This type of buidling makes up about 72% of all properties in Baranow. About 65% of these apartments are rented, with the rest of them being owner occupied condo developments. A large percentage of the remaining properties in the area are duplexes, about 79% are occupied by the person who owns the duplex.

The average household in the area is 1.5 people, which is considering modest in comparison to the rest of the city. About 47% of all residences have one person living in them, 40% have two people living within the property, and the last 13% have three people living in the residence.

The area is somewhat L shaped, as is a little bigger on the south boundary. 137th Avenue is considered the southern border, 153rd Avenue is the northern border of the neighbourhood, and 127th Street is considered the western border of Baranow. The eastern boundary of the neighbourhood lies on multiple streets and avenues in the area.

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