Bisset Real Estate

Judge Athelstan Bisset, Q.C. lent his name to this residential neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The area is bordered on the north by 34th Avenue, the south by 23rd Avenue, to the east by 34th Street and on the west by Mills Woods Road East. Bisset is part of the Mills Woods section of Ridgewood.

Most of the neighbourhood was built between the 1960s and the 1980s with over 70% of the area being completed. Single family homes make up 56% of the properties and another 25% are walk up apartments in with less than 5 stories. Approximately 15% are row houses and the remainder are duplexes. About two thirds of the properties are occupied by the owners.

Two schools service the area, the public Bisset Elementary and the private catholic school. The Mills Woods Community Church and a couple of Muslim temples are in the neighbourhood too.

Bisset Homes for Sale in Edmonton, AB

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