There were 45 single family homes sold in Caernavon in the last year. The highest price that anyone got for their home in this neighbourhood was $515,000 and the lowest was $240,000 with average sale price of $349,559.

The largest house that sold was 2,966 square feet and the smallest measured just 986 square feet and the average size was 1,277 square feet. 

 It took around 42 days on average to sell a home in Caernarvon in the last year. One home sat on the market for a whopping 188 days before it finally sold.

In the Condo market there were 28 sales completed in the past 12 months with an average price of $175,996 and high price of $237,000. The lowest sale price recorded was $106,500

The average size of all the condos that sold was…

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   In 2014 there were 32 single family homes sold in the northwest community of Beaumaris.

 It took an average of 45 days for them to sell with the longest duration being 102 days and the shortest being just 1 day. 

 The average sale price was $424,372 with the most expensive selling for $593,500 and the most affordable selling for $314,900.

 The average size was 1,827 square feet with the largest home measuring 3,024 square feet and the smallest at  1,075 square feet. 

 In the condo market there were 36 homes sold and it took an average of 53 days to sell.

 The average price was $254,318 with the highest selling at $448,000 and the lowest at $169,900.

 The average size of the sold condos was 1,049 square feet with the…

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Exciting news to start off 2015 as December 2014 sales ends with a bang.  Despite the recent drop in oil prices consumers are still investing in Edmonton's Real Estate market, and they should!  With low rental availability and low mortgage interest rates, it seems that first time buyers may have had a huge contribution to the sale increases for condos at 11% and duplex/row housing a huge 25.4%.  Residential Single Family homes followed closely with a 9.8% sales increase.  You can read the complete news release below. 

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MLS® System Sales Up Over 11% in 2014

Monthly Statistics
Quarterly Statistics

Edmonton, January 5, 2015: Sales of residential property…

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There were 442 single family houses sold in Edmonton in the month of December. This was up significantly over December of 2013 when 415 homes sold on the Edmonton MLS® System. This works out to an increase in sales of 5.9%

However the average sold price was down quite a bit to $425,205 from the previous month of November when the average price was $442,884. Prices are still above the average price of $423,544 we saw last December.

Condos also had a strong month of December with 278 units sold. Back in December of 2013 there were only 246 condos sold, so that works out to an increase of about 13%

Prices were down slightly in December when compared to November. The average sale price for condos in December was $251,107 which is down by…

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