A home office is an essential room of many homes today.  Even if you may not work from home all of the time, you probably have a “spot” where you file your bills and have a computer set up to do the “social media” thing or have the occasional “work from home” day. 

We have put together a few cost effective tips that will transform your space from a place you have, to a space you love.


A home office today doesn’t have to look like something out of an office tower.  With some simple planning you can create a space that is trendy, and attractive.  Get inspired by places that make you feel motivated, and bring this to the office!  If you like the outdoors you could go with something like Rustic meets Modern so you don’t go too far in one direction.  The décor should be complimentary to feel you are trying to pull off. 


Of course natural light makes you feel the best and thus makes you most productive, but if that is not an option then utilize lighting that will make you feel like you want to work.  If you have ceiling fixtures, you could use the LED lights that are brighter than conventional bulbs – and they save you money on your energy bill.  You can use lamps to add ambience and functional lighting to areas that may be lacking. 

Simple Furniture

Achieving the modern feel that is comfortable is much simpler than you probably imagine.  Keep furniture smaller, and select colors that are clean and don’t draw too much attention.  You could mix a lacquer white desk with chrome legs, and accent it with a wood feature wall.  Try to use wall cabinets that are mounted vs. bulky furniture that takes space up on the floor. 

Go Wireless

Get wireless!!!  There is nothing that screams a home office more than cords hanging out everywhere!  With today’s technology you should be able to get rid of most of the wires but if you can’t eliminate all the wires then you could wrap the cords neatly and tuck them away, or even run them through the walls or along the baseboard so they aren’t noticeable. 


Keeping your office organized with baskets can be doubled as added storage.  Having a few shelves for items you want to display with baskets will not only look good but serve a function.  Make sure there is plenty of space for you to put your supplies away – there is nothing worse than having it all thrown all over the place and causing clutter. 

Less is More

If you don’t need it don’t get it –simple!  Place only furniture that is necessary in the room this will create a less cluttered feeling.  If you use paper still opt for notebooks to keep notes, rather than having loose pieces of paper all over the place.  Remember if you THINK you need it evaluate if you really do before buying it.


Lastly, hang some nice are on the wall.  Make a collage of pictures, just like you would in the rest of your home - Get rid of the bulletin board! 

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