Caenarvon Real Estate

Caernarvon is located in the Castledowns region of the northern part of Edmonton. It is named after a castle in the country of Wales. According to the last census, a large portion of homes in the area were built in the 1970’s and 1980’s. During these years about 82% of homes were built.

The area has quite a mixture of types of homes, according to the last Edmonton census. The most typical type of home is the single family home. 59% of homes in the neighbourhood are single family. The next most popular type of property is the row house, which account for 22% of homes. Duxplexes make up about 13% of all the homes in the neighbourhood. The remainder of properties in the area (7%) are condos and rented apartments.

About 74% of the homes in Caernarvon are occupied by their owners, with the other 26% rented. The population of Caernarvon is somewhat stable, with over half of the people in the area living at the same home for over 5 years.

There are two schools in Caernarvon, Caernarvon Elementary and Katherine Therien Catholic.

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