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The Maple Ridge mobile home park is located in south east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is framed by industrial zones on all sides. At last count the population numbered 1564 residents. The western border is 17th Street and the southern border is 61st Avenue. The north is framed by 66th Avenue and the eastern end is located to the west of Meridian Street.

Just over three out of four homes or 75% of the structures in Maple Ridge were brought into the park in the 1970s. A few, just over 3% are of older vintage. Most of the remaining homes were moved into the park during the early 1980s. All the properties in Maple Ridge are mobile homes and over 96% of the residences are occupied by their owners.

The community is on the younger side, with the highest percentage of residents being between their early thirties and forties. Most of the residents are descendants of the British Isles, Ireland, Germany or the Ukraine. More than a third are native born Canadians. Demographics Population 1,625 Median Income $56,310 # of Homes 754 © Stats Canada Census Data

Maple Ridge Homes for Sale in Edmonton, AB

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