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Mayliewan-Ozerna is located in the north eastern part of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The two neighbourhoods are often referred to as one entity, even though they have been formally and legally separated by the City of Edmonton. The Ozerna section has a population of 4,006.

The combined Mayliewan-Ozerna district is bordered on the east by 66th Street, on the west by 82nd Street and on the southern end by 153rd Avenue. The north is framed by 167th Avenue. The eastern half is Ozerna, the west is Mayliewan. 73rd Street is the dividing line.

Nearly 78% of homes in the Ozerna area are classified as single family homes. 10% of Ozerna’s housing inventory is apartments in buildings of less than five stories. Duplexes make up an additional 12% of the market. Almost all residences in both districts are owner occupied, almost 97%.

The Catholic St. John Bosco Elementary School is in the Mayliewan neighbourhood. The Ozerna area has no schools within its borders. The closest shopping mall is Londonderry Mall, reached following 66th Street to the south.

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